Troll Merchant

A Troll Merchant

The Troll Merchant is a vendor located on the outer islands of the map. There are 6 Troll Merchants on the map, each one located on an island accessible only by using a blink-type ability, and are guarded by The One boss.

Items Available Price Amount in Stock
Anabolic Potion 18 2
Bee Hive 12 0*
Dark Rock 25 2
Disease Potion 45 0*
Drunk's Potion (3) 10 2
Flint 3 4
Mana Crystal 5 3
Potion of Twin Islands 60 1
Stick 3 3
Stone 5 3
Spear 8 1
Tinder 2 3

*Disease Potion and Beehive start with 0 stock, and are re-stocked after 40 minutes.

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