The One
The One
Level 1
Health 908
Armor/Type -1/Medium
Damage/Type 19-28+5/Hero
Attack Speed 1.25
Movement Speed 270
Skills Pulverize, Critical Strike, Ensnare, True Sight, Orb of Lightning

The One is a boss located on the islands around the outer edges of the map. The One does not re-spawn if he is killed.


Critical Strike 20% chance to deal 2x damage

Pulverize 20% chance to cleave all targets in front of the The One for 40 damage

Ensnare Casts Ensnare, identical to the Hunter's ability.

True Sight Reveals nearby invisible units.

Orb of Lightning Adds 5 bonus damage and a 15% chance to cast Purge, slowing movement speed and dispelling buffs.


The One has a 10% chance to drop a single Medallion of Courage.

If he does not drop a Medallion of Courage, he will drop or 3 to 5 random items from the following list.


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