Tame Pet
Tame Pet
Classes Beastmaster, True Form, Ultimate Form
Mana Cost 0
Cooldown 10 seconds
Duration Unlimited
Cast Range 600
Area of Effect n/a
Targets Fawn, Wolf Pup, Bear Cub
Hotkey None

Tame Pet is the starting ability of the Beastmaster and his subclasses. This ability allows you to tame a Fawn, Wolf Pup or Bear Cub. He can also take some hawks for more information look Hatchery. These animals can mature into powerful forms that grant large amounts of experience when killed. After taming a baby animal you will receive the following commands:

  • Release Pet: The pet immediately becomes hostile and attacks anything around it
  • Follow: The pet follows the Beastmaster around
  • Stay: The pet holds position

After the pet matures into it's second form it will gain the following commands:

  • Sleep: The pet goes to sleep, regenerating hit points
  • Attack: The pet follows you around, attacking any nearby enemies


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