Storm Earth and Fire
Living Clay
Classes Elementalist
Mana Cost 50 mana
Cooldown 300 seconds
Duration See Effects
Cast Range Self
Area of Effect 512
Targets Enemy Trolls
Hotkey T

Storm Earth and Fire is the final ability of the Elementalist. When used, the Elementalist channels for 1 second, then casts Entangling Roots, Stone Throw and Forked Lightning in a 512 AoE around the caster.

Does not work on animals or bosses except The One.


  • Forked Lightning deals 20 damage, and casts once for each troll in the area, damaging multiple trolls each time it casts.
  • Entangling Roots functions the same as the scroll. Deals 5 damage per second and prevents the enemy from moving or attacking for 4 seconds.
  • Stone Throw deals 25 damage and stuns for 1 second.

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