Scroll of Stone Skin
Crafted In Witch Doctor's Hut
Buying Price 9
Selling Price 5
Range 450
Cooldown 60
Effects Boosts target's armour by 15 for 45 seconds. Slows attacking enemies by 10%

Once casted on a player, physical damage being dealt to that player becomes almost halved. It is useful to some extent when team ganking bosses, where one player will have to tank the boss. In raids, it can be useful for absorbing large amounts of damage from towers and traps, but most player favour more offensive spells over this. Slows attacking enemy's movement and attack speeds by 10%. This scroll's effect notably does not end when the scroll is dropped, meaning that it can be used in combination with other scrolls in a normal game, provided that one can drop it and pick up another scroll within 15 seconds.

Schematic: Edit

Stone Mana Crystal

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