Radar Manipulations
Classes Gatherer, Radar Telegatherer, Omnigatherer
Mana Cost 0
Cooldown See Effects
Duration n/a
Cast Range n/a
Area of Effect 2500
Targets Self
Hotkey See Effects

Radar Manipulations is an ability of the Gatherer, Radar Telegatherer and Omnigatherer. It pings the specified items in a 2500 range around the Gatherer. Cooldown depends on the skill.

The basic Gatherer only has the following:

In addition, the Omnigatherer and Radar Telegatherer also have:

  • Find Flint: 40 second cooldown, Hotkey: F
  • Find Magic: 60 second cooldown, Hotkey: D


  • Searches for the item in a 2500 AoE and pings it on the minimap

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