Pinion of Shadow
Pinion of Shadow
Buying Price Cannot Purchase
Selling Price Cannot Sell
Spawn Rate 33% off Disco Duck

Rarely seen in games, this powerful item grants stealth and mobility to users, but binds to a troll when picked up, often causing complications for hunters due to their low item capacity, or gatherers due to their importance in having 6 free inventory slots.


One of the three pinions that can possibly be dropped upon the death of a Disco Duck.


The Pinion of Shadow does not have any activatable abilities, however it grants a passive increase to movement speed, and a fade effect which causes the user to become partially transparent. Both these effects increase over time periodically, resulting in the troll becoming faster and harder to see as time passes.

  • +4 to all stats
  • +3 armor
  • Increases movement speed over time
  • Adds a fade effect over time