Pinion of Fire
Pinion of Fire
Buying Price Not Purchasable
Selling Price Not Sellable
Spawn Rate 33% off Disco Duck

Rarely seen in games, this powerful item grants a damaging heat aura to the user, but binds to a troll when picked up, often causing complications for hunters due to their low item capacity, or gatherers due to their importance in having 6 free inventory slots. The damage occurs in intervals, and also increases the user's movement speed.


One of the three pinions that can possibly be dropped upon the death of a Disco Duck.


The Pinion of Fire does not have any activatable abilities, however it grants a passive increase to movement speed, and a fire based damage aura, dealing periodic damage to nearby enemies, and also increases the movement speed of the bearer. Similar in function to the Pinion of Pain, this item is a formidable weapon and shouldn't be taken lightly.

  • Has a 300 AoE, deals 18 damage per hit and 4 damage per second for 1 second after hitting. 1.25 second cooldown
  • +2 to all stats
  • +60 move speed