Medallion of the Thief
Buying Price Cannot purchase
Selling Price  ?
Spawn Rate Rare

Not to be confused with Medallion of Courage, or as an item to upgrade to thief superclass, this medallion grants passive effects to thief (basic class only) which randomly trigger depending on how frequently the thief is being hit. In version 2.45 the probability of effects being triggered were reduced due to frequent player complaints.

This item is intended to improve the stealing ability of thieves, their stealth and evasion skills are improved dramatically whilst wielding this item. Other classes can use the thief medallion, but it is almost useless in their hands.



All classes can use this item as a one shot blink item, after which the medallion perishes. Upon being hit (if the bearer is a thief), a random effect has a chance of being triggered. The effects are listed below:

  • Invisibility
  • Smoke Bomb
  • Stomp