Master Healer
Master Healer
Tier Subclass
Function Survival, Combat Support
Initial Abilities The Glow, Resist All, Omnicure, Cure All
Learnable Abilities Healing Spray, Healing Wave, Self Preservation, Mix Health, Ranged Heal, Replenish
Inventory 4 slots
Base Damage 14-14
Attack Cooldown 1.75
Movement Speed 300
Vision (Day/Night) 1250 / 800
Names Mog, Baki, Vargas
The Master Healer is one the subclasses of the Priest. Most of his abilities focus on restoring large amounts of health to his allies.


Level 1 AbilitiesEdit

The Glow The Priest's starting ability. Grants a 10% movement bonus and 5% attack speed bonus in a 400 AoE. Also grants periodic bonus heat.
Resist All Makes a unit magic immune for 20 seconds.
Omnicure Casts cure all on all nearby friendly trolls.
Cure All Cures a variety of ailments including snake venom and disease.

Level 2 AbilitiesEdit

Spray Healing Heals other units for 50 health in a 400 AoE. Does not heal the Priest himself.
Healing Wave Casts a healing spell that bounces up to 7 times in a 3000 AoE, healing for 30 health initially. Amount healed decreases by 10% each bounce.
Self Preservation Instantly increases all stats by 50.

Level 3 AbilitiesEdit

Mix Health Equalizes the health of the Master Healer and a target.
Ranged Heal Heals 50 HP of a friendly unit at 6000 range

Level 4 AbilityEdit

Mix Energy Equalizes the mana of the Master Healer and a target.
Mix Heat Equalizes the heat of the Master Healer and a target.
Replenish Heals 1 health and 1 energy each second for 150 seconds. If the target is attacked in this time, Replenish will be dispelled.



  • Quite durable solo
  • Great at supporting the team
  • Powerful in team combat
  • If you have a sleeping source, there is no need to use food unless you are attacked


  • Low inventory space
  • Low move speed

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