The Mammoth
Level 30
Health 2750
Armor/Type 2/Medium
Damage/Type 52-68/Chaos
Attack Speed 1.75
Movement Speed 200
Skills Hardened Skin, Resistant Skin

The Mammoth is a strong boss located at the center of the map. Also he is almost impossible to take on your own. He requires a team effort to bring down this mighty beast.


Hardened Skin Grants a 50% chance to block 17 physical damage. Cannot lower damage to less than 1.
Resistant Skin This causes some spells such as Cyclone and Null Damage to have a much shorter duration when used on the Mammoth. Resistant skin also grants immunity to certain other spells such as Chicken Form's Fowl Play.


The Mammoth always drops two Horns of the Mammoth, and has a chance to drop up to four Medallions of Courage and luckily you can have a Baby Mammoth.


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