Current Members of the Team (Each member has a vote on changes)

Bliss-Darkeyes, Quazz, Quantum, Turpin, NoCookie4u, Liquid., Mephisto.

Rules of Governance Edit

  • Terms are 3 months
  • Election may be called once a meeting with a 67% vote
  • Rules of governance may be changed with a 67% vote
  • Proposals are accepted with a majority (51%) vote unless vetoed
  • The committee may change the rules of governance with a 67% vote
  • New members may be added by the President or a majority (51%) vote
  • Members may be removed by the President or a majority (51%) vote
  • An action of the President may be vetoed with a 67% vote
  • Anyone may hold multiple committee positions
  • You may not resign or refuse your position
  • All players votes have equal weight

President & Chairman - Bliss-Darkeyes Edit

  • has a veto
  • advises committee
  • is the chairman for meetings which means they must ensure progress and fairness
  • assists others in their roles as necessary
  • appoints new members to the committee
  • removes members from the committee

Secretary - Currently All Members Edit

  • minutes
  • schedule/coordinate meetings
  • keep documents up to date
  • keep contact information for members
  • ensure people contribute when required otherwise enform president/committee to take action
  • help document information gathered by Public Officer and Lead Developer
  • ensure that time is allocated for discussion of matters brought forward by other members
  • keep wiki up to date

Public Officer - NoCookie4u Edit

  • player's representative
  • advocate on behalf of committee to players
  • setup instructional activities for new & potential players
  • responsible for clan rankings other than Chieftan

Game Master - Quantum Edit

  • tournaments
  • is in charge of delegating changes to versions
  • keep record of all versions and make changelogs publicly available
  • in charge of keeping Trello board up to date

Lead Developer - Quazz Edit

  • delegate development tasks to rest of development team
  • liaise on behalf of development team
  • manage development team
  • report on development to committee during meetings
  • inform secretary of progress between meetings
  • responsible for providing "possibility" of changes

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