Horn of the Mammoth
Buying Price Cannot Purchase
Selling Price Cannot Sell
Spawn Rate 200% off the Mammoth

The horn is a unique item where only two can be found in any game of island trolls. The reason is they can only be obtained from the Mammoth, and is useful due to it's armor-reducing heat ability and it's stat management abilities.


Two will drop on the ground once the Mammoth is killed.


When clicked in the inventory, it brings up a small screen which overrides the user's normal unit action screen for the troll. This screen contains the three abilities, where one can be used at a time, forcing all three abilities into a cooldown. Each ability corresponds to a particular stat (Heat, Health or Energy) and will instantly replenish that stat to full, as well as inflicting a debuff upon nearby enemies. The most broken of these debuffs is heat, which reduces armor by 20 for a short duration, allowing for easy kills.


A known glitch is that sometimes the abilities won't show up when the horn is clicked. This happens when a player has moved the horn around in her inventory. The horn will only work if it stays in the slot it was picked up with. If this glitch has happened, it can be solved by dropping the horn and picking it up.