Healing Potion
Mana Potion
Crafted In Mixing Pot
Max stack size 4
Buying Price 12
Selling Price 3/6/7

Healing Potion is a potion made in the mixing pot. It is used to recover health/hitpoints. It is a common boss drop, and is also found in thief bushes

There are three different versions of the potion. I, III, IV. For some reason II is skipped.

Healing Potion I: Recovers 80 hitpoints
Recipe: River Root, Butsu

Healing Potion III: Recovers 160 hitpoints
Recipe: 2x River Root, 2x Butsu

Healing Potion IV: Recovers 200 hitpoints
Recipe: 3x River Root, 3x Butsu

Schematic: Edit

Butsu River Root Healing Potion I
Butsu River Root Healing Potion III
Butsu River Root Healing Potion IV

or 4 butsu and 2 root

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