Gloves are mainly offensive pieces of equipment which grants increased attack speed and a slight armor boost, in some cases additional stats and effects. One set of gloves can be equipped per troll at a time. Basic Gloves are created in the Tannery, using 2 hides of any one animal. It can then be upgraded to higher quality gloves with bones, iron, steel, or magic ingredients. Having gloves equipped adds 2 heat every 35 seconds.

Basic GlovesEdit

There are 3 basic gloves. Each is named after the animal it's made from, and are all created in the Tannery.

Advanced GlovesEdit

Basic gloves placed in the Armoury with several components can be used to upgrade it to much more powerful gloves. The type of basic gloves doesn't matter, so it's wise to use the cheapest one if possible.

Special GlovesEdit

A Bone Gloves placed in the Workshop with several components can be used to upgrade it to the ultimate battle gloves.

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