Built In Inventory
Building Type Crafting
Hit Points 250
Armor Type Fortified
Armor 5
Slots 6
Construction 10 seconds
Buying Price 25
Selling Price 14

Weaponry and metallic alloys are crafted here. The armoury is often seen as essential to a base, as it is required, under most circumstances, to build a Workshop. Some players also find that it becomes hard to set up a formidable base defence without ensnare traps, which are manufactured within the armoury. Thirdly, all the axes and most of the spears are crafted in this building.

Schematic: Edit

Flint Stone
Stone Stone

Used to Make:Edit

Iron Ingot: Stone, Flint
Steel Ingot: Iron Ingot, Iron Ingot, Flint, Flint
Flint Axe: Stick/Bone, Flint, Flint
Stone Axe: Stick/Bone, Stone, Stone
Iron Axe: Stick/Bone, Iron Ingot, Iron Ingot
Steel Axe: Stick/Bone, Steel Ingot, Steel Ingot
Mage Masher: Stick/Bone, Spirit of Wind, Spirit of Water, Mana Crystal
Spear: Stone, Stick/Bone
Iron Spear: Iron Ingot, Stick/Bone
Steel Spear: Steel Ingot, Stick/Bone
Dark Spear: Dark Rock, Stick/Bone
Ensnare Trap: Tinder, Stick/Bone, Stick
Bone Boots, Gloves, Coat: Basic Boots/Gloves/Coat, Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone
Iron Boots, Gloves, Coat: Basic Boots/Gloves/Coat, Iron Ingot, Iron Ingot
Steel Boots, Gloves, Coat: Basic Boots/Gloves/Coat, Steel Ingot, Steel Ingot
Shield: Hide, Stick, Stick
Bone Shield: Shield, Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone
Iron Shield: Shield, Iron Ingot, Iron Ingot
Steel Shield: Shield, Steel Ingot, Steel Ingot

Building AbilitiesEdit

Quick Make: Collects nearby items on the ground to make selected item. If all items are not available the ones that were will be left in the armory. Items already in the armory will be pushed to the bottom of the armory's item space.
Quick Drop: Drops items from the buildings inventory in a short radius around the building.

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