Armor Type vs Attack Type Light Medium Heavy Fortified Hero

100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

100% 100% 100% 50% 100%

200% 0% (Immune) 100% 25% 50%

100% 150% 100% 70% 100%

100% 50% 100% 150% 50%

100% 100% 100% 100% 75%

Armor TypesEdit

Light ArmorEdit

Light armor takes extra damage from Piercing attacks.

Medium ArmorEdit

Medium armor takes extra damage from Normal attacks, and reduces damage from Siege attacks. Medium armor takes no damage from Piercing attacks.

Heavy ArmorEdit

Heavy armor takes regular damage from all sources.

Fortified ArmorEdit

Fortified armor greatly reduces Piercing, Hero, and Normal attacks, but takes extra damage from Siege attacks.

Hero ArmorEdit

Heroes take reduced damage from Piercing, Siege, and Spell attacks.

Attack TypesEdit

Chaos DamageEdit

Chaos attacks do full damage to all armor types.

Hero DamageEdit

Hero attacks do reduced damage to Fortified armor.

Piercing DamageEdit

Piercing attacks do extra damage to Light armor, and reduced damage to Fortified and Heroes. Piercing attacks deal no damage against Medium armor.

Normal DamageEdit

Normal attacks do extra damage against Medium armor, and reduced damage to Fortified armor.

Siege DamageEdit

Siege attacks do extra damage to Fortified armor, and reduced damage to Medium armor and Heroes.

Spell DamageEdit

Spells deal reduced damage to Heroes.

Spell Damage vs Magic DamageEdit

These two comments are often used by users and interchanged frequently, but in Warcraft 3, these are two distinct terms. Magic damage is based on a unit that attacks, such as bees from the Bee hive, skeletons summon from Scroll of Living Dead, and in a default map, units such as priests. These units CAN attack ethereal units, doing bonus damage. Magic damage typically does less damage to heroes, and fortified, but bonus damage to units with heavy armor. Armor does allow for damage resistance.

Spell damage is any damage that is generated from a spell, with some exceptions. This damage is not affected by armor, and the only way to reduce damage is by spell resistance. There are a few cases in which the effects are triggered, and as a result ignore spell resistance. This would include most mana drain effects, HP loss from sleeping, and a few others. With the mage masher's mana burn against a mage, the mana drain is not reduced by spell damage, but the HP loss is reduced by spell resistance.

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