There is a concoction system in Island Troll Tribes involving a variety of herbs and ingredients found in various media, usually in a variety of Bushes. A Mixing Pot, or the inventory of a Herb Master Telegatherer, are required in order to fuse these ingredients and process them into useful items.

Processing these ingredients requires specific combinations or mixing patterns in order to generate desired items and potions. Some of these recipes aren't given in the game so it'd help to know the ones you want. For referencing purposes, the coloured herbs of a type can be referred to as Colour 1, 2, 3 or 4. In any recipe, if Colour 1 is mentioned twice, it is referring to herbs of the same colour. In any recipe, Colour 1 and Colour 3 must be from opposite islands, Colour 2 and Colour 4 also on opposite islands.

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